The benefice weekend away was held on the 7th - 9th September. "Taste and See" was the theme of our weekend at the Greenhouse Retreat centre in Poole. 20 people from the Minster and St Johns joined together for an excellent weekend. The Rev'd Sue Hart was our leader assisted by Rev'd Richard Davies. The Weekend consisted of different forms of worship, using all our senses in many enjoyable ways. We had "home entertainment" on Saturday evening as well as visits to the local beach and Studland.

We has grown this year. We now have 14 members and continue to meet monthly. We have sent 9 parcels to a charity supporting those who have lost children. Other projects have included knitting for the Neonatal Unit at Salisbury Hospital- and also Fish and Chip jumpers for babies born in Africa. Meetings include a Thought for the day and refreshments. We have been delighted to welcome new people into the group this year.                   

Rev’d Liz Smith

A new quilting and crafting group that meets on the second Monday every Month from 2.00 - 3.30pm.

All welcome from beginners to experts. Either bring your own project or join us to make a patchwork quilted coaster. Materials for the coaster will be supplied for the first meeting but please bring your own sewing equiptment. We will provide some spare equipment if you do not have any but woud like to try somthing new.

We ask for a £1 donation each session. Tea, coffee and biscuits provided.

MYG meet always on the first Friday of the month in the West End of the Minster at 7pm.
At present we have an annual calendar of our events and this is up on the West End noticeboard. Our activities fall into 3 sections.
  • Normal monthly youth group activity
  • Special "Youth" services held on particular festivals and about 5 a year.
  • 3 "Life Skill" courses a year.
These have been such things as basic cookery, basic money management, First Aid taster, RSPH Food and Kitchen, safety and hygiene and a number of others.
If you are interested in us and our activities do please be in touch  to find out more.

Since April 2018, we have had the introduction of the new brownie programme. Activities and skills are already prepared to support guiders with different levels of experience. As leaders we need to implement a variety of these so the girls have a broad and balanced weekly meeting. This is very new for us and we are trialling the new activities which we are currently choosing. In time the girls will make the decisions about the chosen skills they wish to learn about.  A brownie pack in Warminster sadly had to close down and we took 5 of the brownies, who are now happy and settled with us. We took 10 brownies away in the summer to Berwick St James and had the theme of Peter Rabbit for the weekend. As a unit we continue to take part in community events, such as the Remembrance Parade, the Christmas Tree Festival and carol singing at Ashwood Care home. Our winter treat for the girls was to spend an evening at the pottery shop, where they painted Christmas decorations.  Brownies continues to thrive and we are lucky to have the support of the church, our leaders and parents                     
Hazel Bell.

The Athenaeum Singers are a choral society of around 55 non auditioned members.  They perform two major concerts each year which are held in the Minster Church.
Their concerts feature professional instrumentalists and soloists and range from the main choral classics to premiers of works by contemporary composers.  New singers are welcome.
Weekly rehearsals are held on Tuesdays at Christchurch, Warminster.

Oasis continues on every Tuesday with delicious cakes, biscuits and scones produced by faithful members of the congregation.   It is an enormously beneficial time for so many -  to gather together in the comfort of the West End, drink coffee or tea, chat  and partake of the offerings of the morning.   For many years contributions have been made into the ‘beefeater’ who sits resplendent in the centre of the tables and whose contents provide monies over the year for a number of things.  In 2018 Oasis help pay for the guards for the new radiators, for materials for the new Children’s Corner in the church, for a new basket for the West End dishwasher,  for Palm Sunday breakfast at the Rectory and for the first Sunday breakfast in the church along with refreshments for all the helpers at the summer fete.                               
Sue Allen  

St Denys The Minster is the home to the Warminster Philharmonic Orchestra. Rehearsals are held on alternate Tuesdays 19.30 - 21.30 in the West End of the church moving to weekly gatherings closer to any concert date. Restarts February 4th 2020
We were founded in 2004 as a non-profit group, organised and run completely by volunteers. The Members of the Orchestra are very proud to have raised over £25.000 on behalf of local charities.

Amanda Williams, conductor and founder member of the orchestra says" We are a community orchestra and would like to encourage anybody thinking about picking up their instrument again to pop along. We also welcome musicians without any orchestra experience. We pride ourselves in not taking anything  too seriously and have fun playing and socialising together in a relaxed enviroment. The friendships and support within the group are as important to most of our members as the music. The monies raised through our music making is a wonderful extra".

The orchestra's next concert shall be held on Saturday 15th December 2018 at 7.30 pm at the Thomas Arnold Hall, Warminster School.

Minster Twins Club

What an exciting 5th year the Minster Twins Club has had. We are a welcoming group of mums, who all juggle multiple children. We meet every second and fourth Wednesday of the month to offer support, exchange anecdotes, give our children the opportunity to play and learn in a safe environment, whilst interacting with other multiples and drinking lots of coffee. We have welcomed many new twin mums from as far as Melksham and Gillingham as well as organised some superb engaging activities for our much loved toddlers. These have included Christmas Parties, visits from Percy the park keeper, grass hair growing competitions and pancake making. We also try to give back to our twin community and are currently selling TAMBA raffle tickets, of which we retain 50% commission to donate to RUH for their first twin cot. We have an active social media page, with frequent photo sharing opportunities and advice given by our mums for our mums. We organise lots of outdoor meets too, which are very well attended. As are our occasional social nights too!! Hannah Vost and her mum Jill have been our inspiration for creating some fantastic crafty keepsakes and Eli Martin Hodson keeps the well-deserved and much needed snacks stocked up.                                            Charley Gillies

Contact Charley Gillies on 07807920435, for more information please visit our facebook page ‘The Minster Twins and More Club
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Every last Wednesday of the Month at 7.15pm. This is an opportunity to spend an hour in silence in the presence of God. The time is split into three parts with a short break between each part. A short period in which we relax followed by two periods of twenty minutes of silent prayer. This is the prayer of stillness, of waiting, of 'loving regard'. It is the flowering of all our natural senses, set in a framework of silence. It is seeing. in silent awe, the invisible God. It is hearing, in silent listening, the word from the eternal Word. It is touching the fringe of the garments of the devine. It is tasting quietly the food of perfect love.

Welcome to The Minster Church Parent and Toddler Group

(member of Pre-school learning alliance)

We are a friendly group of parents, grandparents and carers who meet on Thursday morning between

10am and 11:30am during term times.

Please sign in at the tea station, and we ask for a donation of £1.50 per family each week to cover costs. A cup of tea  and biscuits are provided for parents and a choice of juice or water and biscuits for the children and a fruity snack is served at about 11 o’clock.  After snack time we have a music and singing session until 11:30.

For more details we keep the notice-board in the church updated with termly craft activities and any other special events. Please feel free to join our facebook group this is kept regularly updated with all information but is also a great way to share anything that might interest other members:

 – Minster Church Parent and Toddler Group

Please feel free to contact us for more information




On the wall of the ringing chamber, high in the tower of the Minster church, hangs a grainy black and white photograph of the bellringers taken in 1927, among them a Mr F Ashworth.  His daughter, Kathleen Rosalie Ashworth, left a legacy to the Minster church, expressing the wish that her gift be used for care of the bells and belfry, as ‘my father was a keen bell ringer and I used to love hearing the sound of the bells carrying across the fields’.  The present day Minster bellringers are delighted to be honouring her wish, and have raised extra funds to supplement her legacy so that all necessary work can be carried out to ensure the future of the bells for the next hundred years.

The history of bellringing at the Minster goes back several hundred years, and the eight bells themselves, tuned in the key of D major, are of historic interest.  The largest bell, known as the ‘tenor’, weighs 24cwt, or a ton and a quarter, and has a diameter of over four feet; this giant was cast at the Gloucester foundry of Abel Rudhall in 1737.  The other seven bells, ranging in weight from 18cwt down to 7cwt, were cast in 1881 by John Warner and Sons, whose other notable bells include the clock chime at the Houses of Parliament.  Bell metal is a hard bronze alloy with a higher than usual tin content, giving a ratio of around 4:1 of copper to tin; the extra tin increases the rigidity of the metal, and makes it more resonant.

Miss Ashworth’s legacy was timely, as work to the bells was long overdue.  It is nearly 60 years since the bells were last rehung, and the whole installation had developed a number of problems affecting the balance of the bells and clappers, and the way the bells are struck.  One consequence of this has been that for many years the task of ‘raising’ the bells, i.e. pulling them gradually up from their safe, resting, position to the upright position ready for ringing, has been very difficult, and necessitated someone actually going up to the belfry, clambering around among the bells and manually moving the clappers from one side of the bell to the other – and even the clappers are very heavy.  This has meant that the bells have usually been left in the raised position, which is far from ideal for safety reasons.  In addition, several of the bells had become ‘odd struck’, meaning that the interval between the pulling of the rope and the bell actually sounding is inconsistent, and needs constant adjustment by the ringer. 

To remedy this situation, the bells have been removed from the tower – a difficult operation in itself – and taken to the workshop of local bell engineers Matthew Higby and Co, in Holcombe.  There, new components will be cast which will attach the bells to the frame, and new and more aerodynamic clappers fabricated which will make the striking of the bells much easier to control.  While the belfry is empty, the frame from which the bells hang will be stripped down and recoated with protective enamel paint.  When the bells return, some repositioning will be carried out to make them a better fit into the very constricted space of the belfry, and new wheels will be installed.  Finally, a complete set of new ropes will be fitted.  This work will cost in the region of £50,000.

The current Minster bellringers carry on an ancient tradition, and the bells continue to play an important part in the life of the church and of the town.  The joyful sound of the bells announces a wedding as the bride and groom leave the church, and calls people to worship on Sundays.  In recent years the bells have been rung as a farewell to the town’s regiment departing for Afghanistan, and again in celebration of its return.  For more solemn occasions such as funerals and memorial services, leather pads are attached to one side of the clapper, muffling the sound of every other strike, and this produces a beautiful and very moving sound which adds enormously to the sense of atmosphere.  Muffles are always used on Remembrance Sunday.

The work to the bells will be complete by the summer, and once they are reinstalled the bells should be much easier to ring.  Tower Captain Heather McCombie would be pleased to hear from anyone who would like to learn this ancient skill, as more bellringers are always needed.

Bellringers April 2019

The bellringers report with great sadness the death on 31st May of Dave Marsh, who was a staunch supporter of the Minster tower and held all the tower offices over the years; he will be particularly remembered as a wonderful teacher.  His reliability was legendary and he was an exemplary ringer who left us a very high standard to follow. On a happier note, a new learner joined us early in the year.  She is showing admirable commitment and making excellent progress under the tuition of Graeme Byfield, assisted by Marion Moldon of Corsley tower. 

After a spell of practising fortnightly we have resumed weekly practises, and this is working well.  We have a committed band and do our best to keep up a high standard of ringing.  We aim to ring before the Sunday service twice a month, and are always available to ring for weddings and funerals.

We look forward with eager anticipation to the refurbishment of the bells and belfry which will start early in 2019.  This work is long overdue, and will ensure the future of bellringing at the Minster for many years to come.            Heather McCombie Tower Captain

Fridays 2.00pm-4.00pm (during term time)
Creating an open space to breathe in busy lives. All welcome to share good coffee, conversation, news, crafts, and a thought for the day based on a bible verse with a short time of reflection. Bring your own craft, or just turn up. Share interests and creativity. Find peace, friendship, and a time to find who you are. No need to book—just come along and bring a friend.
At the back of Coffee#1

Choir report

The choir continues to contribute to all major services at the Minster and has been considerably enhanced during 2018 by the addition of violinist Lyndy to the weekly repertoire of hymns, psalms and choruses. She has single handily made a huge difference - not only to our standard of music making, but to the pastoral care of choristers, whilst giving the congregation a good visual and aural 'lead'. With her help we have successfully managed to use all three hymn books (NEH, SOP in addition to HON) with Responsorial psalms and Taize chants throughout the year.

Our thanks to the Clergy who gave much pastoral and musical support at this difficult time, particularly the evening Advent Benefice Service at St. Aldhelm’s.
We can conclude from this that the luxury of a fully robed choir is becoming unsustainable in our church due to the fact that there are not enough people to do all jobs required. It is disappointing that any young people who might be suitable candidates are often promptly signed up for other roles within our Church.
Our historic pipe organ continues to support  worship. We meet every Friday at 5.30pm to have a practise session.           Lyndy & Kerry Bishop

Sunday club takes place every Sunday at 9.30am in the West End of the Minster Church. It is open to all families and is run by a group of volunteers.
We also have a children’s corner in church where children can sit in church, partake and enjoy the service.We follow Roots’ magazine, which is a weekly resource which helps to enrich worship and learning alongside our church community. We then participate in the church service during the peace and take part in the Eucharist.
We also take part in seasonal events such as the Annual Christmas Tree Festival, Crib Service and Summer Fete alongside our own activities such as the Sunday School Christmas party and Easter egg hunt.
We are in the process of devising a more varied programme of activities for families at church including pizza and film evenings, a holiday club during the summer and a family trip out. 

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