Warminster to Glastonbury
Pilgrimage 2020 – Wednesday 15th April.

The Nuts and Bolts you need to know about the Pilgrimage for ALL!!
NOW is the time, the time to say YES!! Come on the Pilgrimage to Glastonbury. There are, or should be, posters up all about it in each church. Information all about it is in the Minstrel and will be again in February. There are Registration Forms in churches and with this information sheet and the reminder poster. Now don't leave it to do later. If you wish to come PLEASE tell us by Registering. This will enable us to get final plans and details in place. If you are in any doubt and want to know something, can't find a Registration Form, don't know who to go with or anything, then please ask me (Tim Spinney tgspinney@hotmail.co.uk or 01985214700). We can help and will sort it out.

Contact details: These are as above for the present. Once you have Registered and got your Handbook you will find other numbers etc. in it for use appropriately.

Cost: £ 10 per person – 15 years + £ 7.50 per person - 5 – 15 years inclusive These prices per person will include Handbook, entry to the Abbey, walking tour (free), wristband and Service. When you purchase a Handbook (one for every person) you are buying the above. Please pay by cash or cheque on application. Cheques should be payable to “Warminster St. Denys P.C.C.”.

Donation: Any surplus funds we have will be donated to our Link Diocese of Maridi in South Sudan. A voluntary donation may also be made by adding it to your registration fee, and would be much appreciated.

Food: We plan a 'Bring and Share' picnic lunch at 1pm in the Glastonbury Abbey grounds. We therefore need to ask what people will bring so we don't all bring sardine sandwiches! It is also planned to use this time to talk about our experiences so far, new friends, new insights, what we may do in the future and many other things.
Guided Walk around Glastonbury: This is being done by Harold. Meet at the foot of the Tor at 10.30am. The walk is about 2 miles, including some very steep gradients. It will cover 4 sacred sites in Glastonbury and be back at the Abbey Ground entrance at 12.30pm for entry. There is no charge for this walk.

Insurance: Would everyone please note - it is important that you have your own insurance cover for what you wish to do. This includes any below the age of majority where it should be sorted/arranged by someone in a parental capacity on their behalf. By completing this registration you are agreeing to this.

Mobility: Sorry to ask but to make it easier for all we need everyone who is coming to tick here if you have a mobility problem. This is so we can do our best to arrange correct access to the Abbey grounds and Undercroft.

Music: At the Service in the Crypt Chapel we plan, and it has been agreed, that we will have acoustic music. This means we can also have hymns and/or songs. One plan is that during Lent we will have some time put aside at the Minster to write one or two songs. There will be more information later but do come and be part of that as well. It is very much part of the whole experience.

Service: The culmination of this Pilgrimage is the 3pm Service of The Word in the Crypt Chapel. We are aiming for this to be a very special act of Worship.

The send off from the Minster: The start of all the journeys will be the Minster. We will have clergy and possibly a Bishop to send you off with prayer and a blessing.

Travel: Well this should be easy, walk, cycle, come by Minibus, come by car, come in your car or someone elses. Come as you can, come as you are!! Starting times will be published very soon when we know numbers more clearly.

When you have Registered: You will receive a Handbook (still in preparation due to be published mid March) and a yellow wrist band. These items are important as they are your entry ticket to the Abbey! The Handbook is being designed to give you even fuller details of what to expect or need to know and also be a memento of this event.

A Pilgrimage Prayer
Give to your Church, O God,
a bold vision and a daring charity,
a refreshed wisdom and a courteous understanding,
the revival of her brightness and the renewal of her unity;
that the eternal message of your Son,
may be acclaimed as the good news of the new age;
through him who makes all things new,
Jesus Christ our Lord.
Percy Dearmer (1867-1936), adapted


2020 at The Green House, Poole—If you wish to make a booking please contact Sylvia Tel: 213224. The cost will be £210 full board including coach fare but if you wish to drive this will be reduced. The deposit, £50, needs to be paid asap to confirm the booking so we need to be sure we have enough people wishing to come. As there are only 14 en suite it will be first to book to secure one. There are separate bathrooms/toilets on both floors.

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