There will be a Christmas Wreath Workshop in the West End - led by Carol Stephens and the cost will be £20. 
Carol will provide the Wreaths & Ornaments, but please bring along your own greenery
Please contact Susi Tenty or Sheila Pom’

Christmas At The Minster - Charity Concert
Female Voice Choir
Tanya Davidson  . . . . . . Soprano
Andrew Forbes-Lane . . .Tenor
James Brown . . . . . . . . . Pianist
Tickets £8 on sale on the door or at Warminster Hub / Information Centre
In Aid of The Sachibondu Health Centre

In the West End 12.30pm for 1pm
Tel: 01985 214910

West End 12.30pm for 1pm
Tel: 01985 214910

A warm invitation!

You are invited to become a part of a special pilgrimage to Glastonbury.  We shall be travelling there by different means but as a "pilgrim people together" treading in the footsteps of countless people through the centuries who have made their way to this ancient Christian centre.

Pilgrimage is more than just “getting there”.  If it is to affect us at all, we need to allow the whole experience to work on us and within us.  The effort of the journey itself, the interactions with others on the way; the opportunities to reflect and ponder about things past, present and future – by no means all religious. 

Arriving at Glastonbury will bring us all together with the others who have come by different means.  Some will have taken a long time and expended a lot of physical effort.  Others have taken time just today to seek some form of spiritual refreshment and to build up a sense of a common journey.

You are invited to join this pilgrimage day in the spirit of journeying together on the Christian Way.  There will be up to 5 different "routeways" being planned.  All will culminate in a shared picnic and then pilgrim service in the grounds and chapel of Glastonbury Abbey ruins.

Perhaps, by the end of the pilgrimage, the words of T. S. Eliot will resonate with us – reflecting something of our experiences journeying together?

         “We shall not cease from exploration

         And the end of all our exploring

         Will be to arrive where we started

         And know the place for the first time.”

From “Little Gidding” stanza V by T. S. Eliot, part of The Four Quartets and published by Faber and Faber.

More information from Tim Spinney and Harold Stephens at the Minster


2020 at The Green House, Poole—If you wish to make a booking please contact Sylvia Tel: 213224. The cost will be £210 full board including coach fare but if you wish to drive this will be reduced. The deposit, £50, needs to be paid asap to confirm the booking so we need to be sure we have enough people wishing to come. As there are only 14 en suite it will be first to book to secure one. There are separate bathrooms/toilets on both floors.

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